Being an intern.

This is something I want every intern to read before going into an office this blog is about what mindset you can carry along with you before entering into your work space. Have you ever had a feeling when your life turns upside down ,the day when you realize the only god power you believe in is not true that is the day when you enter an office and whole your childhood seems to fade away ,with turning your most favorite lunch time the “happiest hour of the day” to most alone hour of the day things will change hence your entire life will change. But it is not as dark and sad as it sounds all you need is few tips and capacity to handle these situations.

Till the age of 21 we all have ideology we are living with a way calling it “my way” which may or may not suit the people who recently entered your life and for whom your existence and ideology is not as important as their own. And if its not their way they’ll make you feel as trashed as they can which is very obvious to happen maybe the thing which was your strength for last 5 years is the habit that is being hated the most. Now in this kind of situations what should you do? let your self feel like trash for next 6 to 8 month, agree to whatever they are saying or not letting anything effect you “believing in yourself’.

Believe me there is very thin in confidence and over confidence and without crossing that line don’t let anyone tell you what’s good or bad for you. Which of your behaviour will take you ahead in your life and which will act as a dead end because no one except you knows your boundaries, no one except you know what you want in life? What if you wanted to be a bungee jumper and being scared of those dead ends or advices from your well-wishers you never tried and miss the chance to stand on that dead end.

Proving yourself is important to others but not letting yourself down is more important taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself because at the end of the day only you have to take care of yourself. Don’t let anyone to harm your mental peace they will always try to challenge you and that is what life is about but you don’t have to live their way or my way live your life your way. Have your story have your own ideology “smile” that what matters and effects the one who try to break you.

And always remember choose your mental health over your career because its of no use once you are dead. Work hard work for yourself it your story your way. Doesn’t let people decide how professional or unprofessional you are just be generous.

All the best for every day, because every day is a war between you the “rulebreaker” and one the “rule maker”.

Published by aakankshashekhar

I'm aakanksha shekhar and i belong to mountains . i'm 22 and i just started blogging

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